Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash


somehow different
familiar and unknown
in some way
not me
maybe kind of me
and I can hear the cries
and I can see the lightning storm
and I can see the fog
and it‘ s

somehow strange
kinda new
kinda scary
somehow special
And I can hear the beat
And I can see the sweat
and I can see so much
and it‘ s

And my feet keeps tapping to the rhythm
I feel my whole body resonating
first slowly and then faster and faster
everything is mixed up
… colorful and black
so many humans
in that one place
another world
the beat talks to me
tells me
„I love you“
„let go, be free“
I really don’t know if that’s true
but it feels like it
and I can see me
and I can see you
and I can see us
but we don’t really exist
then it’s black
It’s just

if I were weak,
I’d probably be around here more often
if I‘ d accept everything
I’d probably be around here more often

if I were strong
I’d probably be around here more often
if I didn’t care about anything
I’d probably be around here more often

but what does that mean?
I don’t know what that means
I don’t care either
because it’s black
just black

the mind is free
and caught at the same time
the body is hot
and the body is surrounded by humans
the waves of music are racing over me
and they won’t let me down tonight
it’s just

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