I might be / living in the personal bubble

Everyone lives in their own bubble somehow. I thought mine was wrong, so I wanted a new one. When I entered this new bubble, it didn’t feel right. So I started thinking about what I had to do to make my personal bubble more comfortable. I realized that my bubble is absolutely right the way it was. Except it wasn’t finished yet.  So I took a closer look at my own bubble and decided to make it better. I am still working on it. In the end, I will live in my own personal, best bubble, which is tolerant, open to all kinds of people and accepted as they are; my bubble will not judge other bubbles or talk against them – because that’s not my right, because I don’t know the whole background story. But I won’t lose the sight of my bubble. People who are good for me will also find a home in this bubble. And even if life has hard days, it will be a happy life all in all.“ – me / Carsten Jan Weichelt

I might be a little emotionally unstable.  But if I’m honest, it doesn’t surprise me. Maybe I’m a little too artistic, whatever that means. Maybe my life is more exciting than a roller coaster ride, and there’s no end in sight. And maybe these are boring, stereotypical phrases which bore me personally. Maybe. And maybe they’re not.

Maybe I imagined my life differently as a little boy, or maybe I imagined nothing at all. I take life as it comes. If something happens, I switch over, recalculate and find new, exciting ways. I never had several plans, but always a big plan. Maybe some people don’t understand that. Maybe because they don’t know it, maybe because they are afraid of it, maybe because they prefer to live in the maybe. Maybe. Maybe not.

But at some point the day comes when you don’t care what others say and think, because in the end the circle closes and you reach your goals – and those who don’t understand it still stagger around and don’t know where their path leads. Or they ask themselves: That can not be everything.

Maybe I’m a bit jumpy, but at least I’m not afraid of jumping. I’m not afraid of falling, because life goes on and on. That’s the lesson I have learned. The easy way and the hard way. I smile, love my life and all that happens in it. In the end, it only gets me further, sometimes even crazy. But it does not drive me crazy. I may be a bit emotionally unstable, but I am stable in fighting, dreaming, laughing and sticking to my big plan. I don’t want everyone to understand what they don’t need to understand. I share what there is to know. Maybe it is enough, maybe it is not. And the day has come when I can say that the way it is, it’s good.  I’m the 150% I always wanted to be, and I’m one step closer to the big plan. Now I’m aiming for the 300%.
That’s fun.

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